Kristin has had occasion to speak to groups in public on a variety of topics. Because she is quite verbal and self confident, Kristin enjoys receiving invitations to address gatherings. She has spoken about life on her own, her business, Kristin’s Creations, her newspaper route which she handled in all weather conditions for 8.5 years and her relationship with her job coaches who help her with fulfillment of her web orders and who monitor the supplies for her craft business. Kristin especially enjoys speaking to parents of younger autistic children about the do’s and don’ts of parenting a child on the spectrum. Since girls are intrinsically more social than are boys, Kristin is sensitive to issues regarding friendship, burning out friendships, the use of the phone, and teaching others to understand the need of an autistic person for literal clarity. Kristin can also teach people how to explain autism and to know how to relate to people on the spectrum.
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